Show don’t tell (emotions)

slack, jawed, raised eyebrows, staring, frozen, take a step back
and put hand on his heart

smiling and throwing back her head laughing, slapping her thights,
stamping her feet, clapping her hands, shaking her head /that’s so

angry agresive
sharp movements, shaking a fist, pointing, slashing or slamming
a fist on a table, flushed face, patchy red blotches, tension in neck,
chords standing out, veins throbbing, jutting or tucked chin,
arms akimbo or clenching fists, entering someone else space and
forcing them out, poofing up with a wide stance, arms wide / bring it
lowered eyebrows, squinting eyes, teeth bared, jaw clenched, snarling

pressing lips together into a thin line, narrowing eyes sometimes
with slight head tilt /why do you still exist?
rolling eyes, often pairedwith long suffering sigh

fidgeting, tearing grass into little pieces, playing with a ring,
chewing on a pencil, biting lower lip, swallowing unnecessarily,
quickened breath or holding breth, darting eyes, pallor, sweating,
clammy palms, unnussualy high-pitched, nervous laughter,
hunched shoulders, pacing

slow head nodding with a furrowed brow, leaning forward toward the
speaker and sitting up, taking notes, looking over the top of
her glasses

reting his head on his palms, peeking out between his fingers,
slipping so his head, accidentally hits the table, tapping toes,
twirling pencil doodling staring out a window

arms clasped behind the body, head liftedm chest out, standing tall,
walking brisky and making firm precise movements

tilting head with narrowed eyes, a furrowed brow, shrugging

lifted chin/ the better to look down the nose, pursed lips,
sneering, slight frown, circling a shoulder, streching her neck,
turning away – to indicate she doesn’t see person as a treath,
grabbing her lapels tucking her tumbs in her waistcoat, dissmisive

twisted lips, half-smile, sneering with shaking the head, pressed
lips with a slight frown, eye rolling,

crossed arms or legs, arms out palms forward/stop! placing something
sword, books, in front of her body

crinkling his nose, curling his lip, showing the tip of his tongue
briefly, flinching back and interposing a shoulder or turning
away, covering his nose, gagging and squinting his eyes shut- hard
for a moment

a plastered-on fake smile / you suck but I can’t tell you that
directly, pouting or frowning / I’ll cry if you don’t give
me what I want, crossed arms / I will not let that terrible idea
influence me

wide eyes shallow rapid breathing, beating the walls, huddling
into a corner, clasping hands over his head protectively,
rocking himself, handwringing, running his hands through his hair,

ernest / passionate
leaning forward, nodding, wide eyes with strong eye contact and
raised eyebrows, hand on heart, presented palms up, a double-
handed hand shake

blushing, stammering, covering her face with her hands, bowing
her head, difficulty maintaining eye contact, looking down and

excited / anticipation
rubbing hands together, licking lips, a vigorous pumping handshake,
jumping up and down, a wide and easy grin

eye play like winking, looking up trough the lashes, over the
shoulder glances, eye catching, preening, like hair flipping
or smooth, clothing straightening, spine straightening,
striking a cowboy pose – his tumbs gripping his belt tight,

shaking his head, massaging his temples, clasping his wrists in his
opposite hand behind his back, running his hands through his hair,
grabbing onto something like armrests, or white-knuckled

smiling and laughing, eyes and nose crinkling, swinging her arms,
spinning loosely, dancing, jumping

quick head nodding, toe/finger tapping, sighing, checking the clock

tight lips, sour expresion, narrow eyes locked , crossed arms

scratching their nose, ear, neck, sudden change in behaviour or deme-
anor, shifty eye contact, long blinking, shrugging, Ill-time
smiles or laughter, shaking head no while saying yes/ i can’t
believe i just lied, lickimg lips, covering mouth, touching

both palms to forehead, fingers splayed , covering eyes with one
hand, eyes wide and staring into space, hands gripping table in
front of her

playful/ friendly
winking, waggling eyebrowsm tiny shoves or nudge

head tilted back, lips parted slightly, eyes wide or closed,
slow languorous movements, streching, arching neck or back,
slight flush, quickened breath and pulse,

hand shake with arm clasp, putting hands on or around someone
shoulders, neck, waist, back, standing in someone’s personal
space body toward that person, any one-sided act of intimacy
runing a knuckle down someone’s cheek, staring down any who gets
too close

proud/ dominant
chin up, chest out, shoulders back, a painfully hard handshake
that not only squishes the bones but also forces his hand on
top (shnew more nekog zajebat tako sto ispruzi dva prsta
uz njegov wrist i tako nemoze da ga stegne)
leaning back with his hands behind his head and his feet up,
strong unblinking focused eye contact

arms crossed with fists/not happening, dragging feet / i don’t wanna
pinching nose/ yo want me to do what? clamping hands over ears lalal

sad / upset
droopy body and anything held, boved in shoulders wrapping arms
around self, slow movements with hesitation, bottom lip jutting
out and quiverinng, crying, sobbing, body shaking, sniffling,
wet eyes

a thight- lipped smile, hiding her hands in her pockets, looking

hunched shoulders, shrinking back from others, wide eyes and lifted
eyebrows, shaking, trembling, freezing, rocking from side to side,

slumped shoulders, looking down and away, burying her face in her
hands bowing her head

hand covering her mouth, mouth hanging open, sometimes with a gasp,
freezing and staring with wide eyes and eyebrows rised, smacking
a palm into his forehead

avoids eye contact or fleeting eye contact, keeps a far distance
from everyone and backs away if someone steps closer,
folded arms, head down

slight, close-lipped smile, one-sided smile, one raised eyebrow,
/ i know something you don’t, chin slightly tucked, Mona Lisa smile,
reised eyebrows/ I know better, fingers steepling

narrowed eyes with sidelong glance or raised eyebrows, rubbing
his eyes, shaking his head, blowing out cheeks

rubbing his eyes, eyes staring into space, raised eyebrows,
yawning and stretching, almost nodding off and jerking awake,
gritting teeth to stay awake

steepling fingers, pinching nose with closed eyes/focus, tugging on an
ear/this will help me remember, stroking beard , furrowed brown,
narrowed eyes, tilted head, pressing lips together / strugling to
understand, resting chin on hand/ tired of thinking

hands clenched above head , head tilted back with a yell,
arm pumpong in the air jumping,

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