Published flash fiction

My flash fiction “The mourner of the lost world” got published few days ago in an internet magazine Iron Soap. Here’s the link to the story. I’m sory I haven’t posted for a while but I’m away from home and rather bussy. I promise I’ll continue with regular posts in october.


New chapter

New chapter – Chapter XII Decisions… decisions… added to Brianna’s Bones. Link in Dreamatorium.


It’s Friday and the new chapter is up

New chapter added to Brianna’s Bones (link in Dreamatorium.)



End of the first part of Brianna’s Bones

With chapter uploaded today I have finished writing the first part of ‘Brianna’s Bones’ (link to the whole book in Dreamatorium), you can expect starting chapter of the second part next week.


Anouncement and an update


1)My short story ‘The Hollow Boy’ won the third place in Adventure Community Contests on Wattpad.

2) ‘Brianna’s Bones’ got a new update Chapter X The Gambler – link in the Dreamatorium.


Newest addition to the short story collection

New short story ‘The Bacteria’ added to Flash Fiction.


Link to the story under the picture.


New chapter :)

New chapter Chapter IX: The Antidote added to Brianna’s Bones on my Wattpad account. Link in the Dreamatorium.


A new milestone on Wattpad

My novel ‘Brianna’s Bones’ featured on Wattpad reached hundred likes/stars (104 at the moment) and nearly five hundred views. To celebrate I’ll share two free online spell/grammar tools. You can also find them in Author’s Cyber Toolkit.

edit minion



Traditional friday new chapter on Wattpad

Chapter VIII: Cervosa uploaded to Brianna’s Bones. Link to the book in Dreamatorium.