Dreamatorium(story archive)

“Welcome to my Dreamatorium, my lady. Sire, please, do not hesitate
to join us.” Hesitantly you follow the strange creature dressed in
a patched robe made of black leather. His blurry features seem to
constantly shift, only his eyes stay the same – huge burning
ambers lost in the distance, squinting through the heavy eyelids.

The room is empty except the dense writings covering the walls. He
sits on the floor, crossing his legs and invites you to do the
same. “I’m weird, I know, but what can I do? You have to be who
you are. I am a Dreamer and I will spread my dreams under your
feet, but don’t listen to Yates just this one time and tread hardly
all over my dreams. Colored glass will shatter, but if you step on a
diamond – then we can dream together. Dream, I will and dream you
will, like my stories are not just mine, but our dreams and that’s
when magic happens.”

Insprational story: My grandfather

Flash fiction “The mourner of the lost world” published on Iron Soap

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3 Short story collection: Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

1 Steampunk-fantasy novel.